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Update 1.0.10 : Added new map - Vanguard: Abandoned buildings, detalized interior so you can fight inside buildings and small streets are waiting for you! Also, we have additional bug fixes: Fixed Interrupt bugs(hovering skyscrapers). Fixed Solar bugs(walls).


Ever dreamed to combat with jetpacks or using some parkour?

Delta is the game you need !

Key features:

+ Fantastic graphics

+ Multiplayer shooter

+ Try yourself in classic DM, or play competitive match in CTF

+ No micro transactions

+ Parkour elements

+ Lobby system( no dedicated servers )

+ Powered by Unity engine

+ Compatible with Itch.io app

NOW it is avalaible on itch.io. Try now


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Your map in-game

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i cant extract i have linux 64 bit user it says and error occured while extracting so could someone tell me what happens just reply and i will do the steps needed

Try another archiver


I wish there was an active player base. The graphics are better than Battlefield 1!

Anyone want to play with me?

  1. wow this games is perfecte love it

Add bots!

nice use of MFPS

Needs bots.. If anyone wants to play let me know :) maybe we can start a playerbase ttyl

I wanna play

ill play let me know hwo we can do this :)

Needs bots.. If anyone wants to play let me know :) maybe we can start a playerbase ttyl

I want to play with you! im bored...


great game just i wish more people played

You see how successful ravenfeild was, and its mostly consists of bots

Plz add bots for offline users.

Hey, I know a lot of people, including me, that travel quite often. I read in the comments, and somebody asked you if there were bots. I would really appreciate it if you could add bots. I love this game, and I want to be able to play it in a car while traveling. Think about it

I would most definitely get this game but the only thing I worry about is you have no dedicated servers and that's means people make their own that means all of your players PC's can get hacked or attacked

Pretty nice Game. Nice Maps. Sadly no playerbase. But great work

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sucks! no azerty keyboard :(


does this have bots?


No, multiplayer only.



How the hell do i play, there is no main menu


i click on it it opens and then it stops where it say update notes. do i have to press something?


I used to play this about 5 months ago, but now when I play it again:

WHY GOT THIS SO AWESOME!!! I love actualy everything about it now. There's not always someone online, but I made some sselfplaying bots (with really bad accuarcy) to play "SinglePlayer".

Keep up the good work!